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Charlene Adair & Bob Goetz


On March 25, 1989 – little did we know the impact Ashley would have on each life she touched, and the example and inspiration she would be to so many. She represents the glue that holds it all together for us, family and friends. She inspires us all, and we live here for her, and with her. Ashley has always been a voice for those without one, standing up for those who could not stand up for themselves. God honored us with a perfect daughter.

Peter Goetz

Co-Vice Chair

We all have a short time on earth to pursue our own personal truth. This is different for each and every one of us. Ashley’s life was about making sense of it all through words. She found that writing is the best tool to articulate the deep feelings that boiled inside. Much of her personal journey was faced with adversity dealing with the ups and downs of her health. Truth was her lens, and through that everything fell into place.

When your perspective becomes driven by truth all the bullshit falls to the wayside. As humans, we are troubled by fear of the unknown, self-doubt, fear of change, fear of weakness, fear of power, fear of otherness, and finally fear of loss. It was Ashley’s mission through writing to fight all her personal fears in pursuit of her own truth. Our belief is that Ashley’s perspective can help us all cut through collective fear, as she fought fear with knowledge and confidence.

Ashley found that the best way to attain confidence is through knowledge. Knowledge comes in many forms but the best combination for Ashley was a one-two punch of textbook and life experience. She always had a burning curiosity to learn as much as she could. Every new lesson made the next clearer. She described it like a flowing river that fountains into deeper thought. I want her legacy to help people stand stronger on their two feet regardless of where they come from, what they look like, and how tough life gets. Together we are on a mission to empower people to feel like they are truly capable of attaining their dreams regardless of the obstacles they face.

Bobby Goetz

Co-Vice Chair

Ashley stands for love. No matter what race, sexual orientation or religion, you must love all equally. My sister is not only the smartest person I have ever met, or will ever meet in my lifetime, but a Warrior, fighting for and pouring her heart into our family every single day. She has always wanted our family to fight. To fight through hate, loss and illness. Ashley holds us accountable every day, and I want to fight in her name, because she has fought and fights for us, every single day.

Corey Goetz

Co-Vice Chair

Ashley is the best sister any brother could ask for. We’ve shared countless memories as a strong duo battling Cystic Fibrosis (CF) together. Batman & Robin couldn’t ever compare. Me being her Robin. My sister was a warrior. She fought hard through CF, when It was tough, and it was real tough…but she could make it look like it wasn’t.

She was the rock to every member in this family, a person you could look to for solid advice. She was always the brightest and most beautiful in the crowd. It will always be a pleasure and an honor to be her brother. To Ashley, I think of you always. I’m so happy that you can breathe deeply, and that I can take you everywhere with me. I will make sure to do my very best to make you proud. Thank you for always keeping a close eye on me, especially this past year. Thank you for showing me what family is all about. I can’t wait to see you again. I love you so much A, Meu Anjo.

Dustin Goetz

Co-Vice Chair

Butterflies are here for a fleeting moment, but they breed beauty and curiosity to anyone that can catch a glimpse of them while they are here. I see Ashley, as Heimlich would say from the movie Bug’s Life, as a “beautiful butterfly!”.

Ashley had every right to be a cynical pessimist, blaming the world for the cards she was dealt. But she said “F*CK the cards. I am the dealer.” That’s how she looked at life. She didn’t let her illness hold her back. It made her stronger, gave her a hunger to push any limitations, and strive for greatness. Ashley was born a fighter and most of her life was focusing on fighting for other people that couldn’t fight for themselves.

Like a butterfly, Ashley came and went like the wind, picking her up and taking her somewhere more profound than we could ever comprehend. Ashley’s life was like that of a butterfly. She flew in with elegance and grace while trying to navigate through treacherous winds and still having the curiosity to see what the other side of the river had to offer.

Scotty Williams

Co-Vice Chair

International non-profit liaison. Given how CF has affected the entire Goetz family, I remain inspired by their perspective on life: if we are healthy, we are happy. Nothing else matters. It was a very refreshing view of the world and Ashley embodied this to the core. I thought I knew Ashley quite well, but her celebration of life exposed aspects of Ashley that only made her more incredible. She was a curious cat and kept a journalistic-quality diary on thoughts/concerns about the world, politics, family, love, the environment, and most importantly her relationship with God.
I have tremendous respect for Ashley and what she has accomplished on this earth. I’m ever inspired by the closeness and compassion of the Goetz family as they embark on this journey of living out Ashley’s dreams to help the world one person at a time. I’m simply honored to be part of it.