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My Life is My Message. I want one that shines brightly upon others. Maybe they will learn a little. Maybe it’ll force them to question, reflect, and change. Maybe, most importantly, they’ll laugh.

 Ashley Adair Goetz is bright, beautiful, and courageous. She was a fighter every single day, who gave love freely, laughed easily, and spoke boldly and truly. Accomplished in academics, writing, and design, she was a deep thinker and a brave doer, who accepted no limits. We know Ash would want us to push forward with few tears, no regrets, happy memories and, most of all, with purpose in pursuit of helping others.

Through this foundation, we want to help people achieve their wildest dreams, regardless of the obstacles they face. The work we do in Ashley’s name is a living legacy of our daughter and sister. It is an embodiment of who she is and what she stands for. Please look around this site for a deeper look, to help carry her torch, & keep her flame afire.